09/27/2012 07:20 am ET

'Ghost Hunters': Introducing Ashley Stroub, The Newest Member Of The Team (VIDEO)

"Ghost Hunters" nabbed a new team member in Ashley Stroub, and found evidence of a ghost at the Alexandria Zoo in Louisiana. It was believed that the former owner of the zoo, Les, was still hanging around, and the night investigation convinced the team that he was.

Les' friend Bill saw the evidence of a spectral figure moving through one of Les' favorite places in the zoo: the gift shop. He even believed he heard Les say his wife's name, LeAnn. It was enough to bring tears to Bill's eyes.

The episode also served as an introduction of Ashley to the rest of the team. As a blogger for Examiner wrote, "Amy Bruni explained that this is first time someone unknown to the team members has been added to the show." So Ashley took turns working with each member of the team so they could see what her investigative style was.

The new "Ghost Hunters" continues on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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