09/27/2012 01:58 pm ET

Jimmy Hoffa Tip Is Likely False Alarm, Roseville Police Say, But Will Investigate

Though the FBI and local police will investigate a tip that claims to solve the mystery of Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance in suburban Detroit 37 years ago, the search will likely be fruitless.

On Friday, soil samples will be taken from the property of a Roseville, Mich., house where the tipster, who is said to be dying of cancer, believed he saw men carrying a black bag and burying a body at the same time of the infamous Teamsters boss Hoffa's disappearance. The Department of Environmental Quality conducted a radar scan last week that found a "disturbance" in the earth, but police are not assuming that Hoffa was buried there.

"We are not claiming it's Jimmy Hoffa, the timeline doesn't add up," Roseville Police Chief James Berlin told the Associated Press. "We're investigating a body that may be at the location."

Forensic anthropologists will test the samples for human decomposition, and likely won't have results until next week. Until then, mystery lovers and conspiracy theorists will have to wonder if this is a serious new development, or just one more unfounded rumor to add to the list of Hoffa's fabled final resting places. Previous guesses have surmised that his body may have been hidden underneath the Giants' stadium in New Jersey, in a Florida swamp and at a Milford, Mich. horse farm.



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