09/27/2012 09:58 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jon Stewart Mocks NFL Labor Dispute, Patrick Stewart Replaces Striking Correspondents (VIDEO)

"America finally learned what it would take to quickly settle a labor dispute: a blown offensive interference call..."

Sure, there have been plenty of labor disputes in recent history, but certainly none more crucial than the NFL's referee lockout. If all those workers in Wisconsin lobbying for collective bargaining had just had a Sunday night football game at stake, Scott Walker would have acquiesced in a heartbeat.

Driving the absurdity of the point home, Jon Stewart tackled the issue on Wednesday's "The Daily Show," only to find his own correspondent's had followed the NFL referees' lead and staged a strike of their own. But, as was made only too clear to Green Packers fans this week, everyone can be replaced.

Watch Part 1 above, and to see famous Shakespearian scab Patrick Stewart replace John Oliver, watch Part 2 below.



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