09/27/2012 02:07 pm ET

Male Pink Hooded Seals Seek Females With Wild Show Of Manliness (VIDEO)

Amongst male hooded seals, pink is certainly the hot commodity. Male hooded seals demonstrate their availability and manliness to available females by inflating a pink 'hood' to its full size. This 'hood' is actually a nasal membraneous balloon that emerges from one of the seal's nostrils, appearing to sit atop his head.

Who says pink can't be a manly color?

When two males are at odds over who should court a female seal, the one with the larger pink balloon tends to scare off the other.

However, many times two male seals will emerge who have the same size hood or balloon, meaning they will resort to a duel. Watch how they fight and slide through the ice to see which will emerge as the victor.

This male then woos the available female, by showing her the full size of his balloon. It is up to her to decide if she will accept the offer or if they'd be an odd couple.



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