09/27/2012 12:36 pm ET

The Trending 20: Twitterverse Shares #backinmiddleschool Memories

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Middle school, for many of us, is both the best of times and the worst of times. With the onset of puberty comes awkward first dates, cliques, weekly trips to the orthodontist, and lunch-table drama. But before the pressures of high school have set in, the junior high years can also be a time to have fun with your friends, fall for someone for the first time, and pass notes in class (written with colorful gel pens, of course). This morning, the Twitterverse shared the good, bad and ugly of their middle school memories, with totally relatable commentary on pre-teen friendship, first love, and poor fashion choices. Check out our top trending 20 in the slideshow below and share your own #backinmiddleschool memories in the comments!



#backinmiddleschool Tweets