09/27/2012 05:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Todd Akin Recalls Jail Time For Anti-Abortion Protest

Long before he made his notorious "legitimate rape" comments about women who seek abortions, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin (R) said he spent time in jail for participating in an anti-abortion demonstration.

Right Wing Watch published a video on Thursday of Akin recounting his arrest during a 2011 "pastor's briefing" with evangelical Christian minister David Barton. Akin says he "sat in front of these doors" -- presumably at an abortion facility -- where he was then taken to jail along with fellow protesters.

Yesterday I spoke to a group of people who had been in jail with me, you know don’t tell anybody I’m a jail bird, you know, but there were a bunch of us that were years ago involved in the pro-life movement and the question becomes: the Bible says, ‘rescue the innocent that is being led to slaughter,’ so a bunch of us sat in front of these doors and the police gave us a ride to the free hotel for a while, and you know how it goes, and the question is, is that biblical or not?

Watch the video:



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