09/28/2012 02:28 pm ET

Andrew Beacham, Kentucky House Candidate, Airs Shock Ad Featuring Dismembered Fetus

If you think President Barack Obama is a baby murderer who has a lot in common with Adolf Hitler and serial killer Ted Bundy, Kentucky has a congressional candidate with just the ad for you.

His name is Andrew Beacham, an independent candidate running for Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District. He has no real chance of winning, but that's just fine by him, because that's not what his campaign is actually about. He admitted as much in a recent interview with the Associated Press.

"Clearly, our main goal is to cause Obama's defeat," Beacham said. "But if I were to get elected, that would be great."

Instead, Beacham, an Indiana resident and cohort of anti-abortion crusader Randall Terry, can use his infeasible candidacy to skirt the Federal Communications Commission's indecency regulations and run graphic ads depicting such things as dismembered fetuses.

And that's not all. Beacham's spot compares Obama to Hitler and Bundy, as well as Al Capone, and shows photos of slain Christians and Jews. Beacham claims that the president is akin to these notorious historical figures because he allows federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions along with a large number of other health services.

“If you vote for Obama, the real question is, what are you smoking?” a bearded Beacham says, puffing a cigar.

(Watch the ad here, if you really feel like you need to see it for yourself)

And while his ad seems extreme, there's not much local stations do to stop it from airing. The AP reports that it cost about $5,000 to purchase airtime for to run the spot about 22 times in three Kentucky markets. Bowling Green's WKBO has said it can't refuse to show it. The station is instead looking into including a disclaimer about the offensive nature of the content.



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