09/28/2012 05:48 pm ET

Dolphins Swimming From Marina Del Rey To Catalina Shot By Underwater Camera (VIDEO)

Dolphins can have a healing, inspiring effect on humans.

Which is why one Southern Californian man decided to get underwater and capture pods of swimming dolphins on film.

While on a sailing trip from Marina del Rey to Catalina, Michael Kantor attached a waterproof camera to a broomstick and held it underwater as three pods of dolphins swam in the wake of his boat, KTLA reports.

"They're so smart, and they have their own language and there's something about them," Kantor said. "They're just fast. They're strong. They always look like they're smiling. I don't know what that is," he added.

Another Southern California man, Jim Sullivan, feels the same way about the intelligent mammals. Earlier this year, he set sail from Marina del Rey on an 8,000-mile journey across the Pacific to the Philippines to promote the protection of dolphins, the Los Angeles Times reported. He is raising money for the nonprofits featured in the documentary, "The Cove;" supporters can donate here.