09/28/2012 05:53 pm ET

Unskewed 'Outliers'

Jonathan Easley and Steven Shepard look at the charge that polling is skewed.

Dean Chambers envisions an expansion to unskewedpolls.com.

Chris Jackson dives deep into Party ID.
Gregory Hubar, Conor Dowling and Seth Hill find Democrats more enthusiastic than Republicans in the battleground states.

Ed Kilgore says conservatives are lying to themselves about poll results.

Frank Newport decries the emphasis on party ID.

Susquehanna Polling & Research explains why their results are different (and accurate).

Obama pollster Joel Benenson scoffs at the 'fantasy' of the Romney campaign's predicted electorate.

James Poniewozik examines the "biased polling" narrative.

Stephen Colbert skewers UnskewedPolls.

Gary Langer gives a pre-debate review of polling results.

Jon Ralston breaks down the NBC/WSJ/Marist poll of Nevada.

Noam Scheiber connects Romney's falling Medicare ratings to the selection of running mate Paul Ryan.

Rich Karlgaard imagines a return of the Bradley effect.

Lynn Vavreck explains her massive effort, with John Sides, to study the undecided in campaign 2010.

Gallup finds views of the economy have improved among Democrats.

John Sides asks whether robo polls cheat.

GOP pollster Jim Lee says Bain messaging hurt Romney.

Mitt Romney says it's too early to worry about polls, while his campaign director insists they're not true.

Latino Decisions finds increasing enthusiasm among Latino voters.

Chris Wilson wonders what's in a name - and how much it says about who you'll vote for.

The Monkey Cage shares a polling fail.

Will Feltus and Mike Shannon chart the politics of beer.

These 'replacement pollsters' aren't faring too well.

An Onion 'poll' finds rural white voters prefer Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Barack Obama. An Iranian news agency unsuspectingly plagiarizes the article.