09/29/2012 01:36 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

James Holmes Text Messages Sent Before Shooting May Reveal Suspect's State Of Mind

James Holmes planned to use a series of text messages before the Aurora movie theater shooting spree that left 16 people dead -- and these messages may reveal the accused murderer's state of mind.

The messages, released Friday upon request by multiple media organizations, were heavily redacted, according to USA Today, one of the companies that made the request.

Uncensored portions of the documents reveal that Holmes sent a series of text messages to a fellow student shortly before the July 20 shooting took place.

Details surrounding Holmes' arrest --including his arrest warrant -- remain sealed, but the information might be used by prosecutors to prove that the 24-year-old University of Colorado dropout's actions were premeditated.

In addition, content of the text messages may shed light on Holmes' state of mind before the shooting occurred.

Even prosecutors, however, have been unable to obtain access to a notebook that Holmes sent to his psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton, prior to the shooting. Defense attorneys argue that the notebook falls under the protection of doctor-patient privilege, and for now, the prosecution has given up the fight to see it.

Greg Medek, whose 23-year-old daughter, Micayla, was killed in the shootings, believes that any and all information surrounding the event should be publicly available.

"His notebook, his sketches, his drawings, everything should be made public," Medek, told the Associated Press. "We can learn from it and prevent this from happening again."



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