10/01/2012 02:06 pm ET

Detroit 2025: After The Recession, A City Reimagined

This is so strange. It's opening day of the 2025 baseball season, but you're not downtown at the Tigers game. You're outside the previously derelict Packard Plant, now a retail and rec center with an outdoor theater. At dusk people will gather here for a Detroit Film Festival offering.

You can hear the whoosh of traffic on the Edsel Ford Freeway as you settle into a kayak on a large pond known as the Headwaters. This is the source of the pristine creek called Bloody Run that will carry you 3 miles to the Detroit River. The creek once flowed through a pipe buried beneath a cityscape of stamping plants, car factories, and dense residential neighborhoods. That aboveground world is gone, replaced by this and other liberated creeks snaking through America's greenest city.

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