10/01/2012 04:40 pm ET

Joan Rivers Offers Kate Middleton Advice After Photos Scandal

After a Danish magazine allegedly published images of Kate Middleton sans bottoms, royal observers are discussing the long-term effect the pictures will have on the entire family. While others debate the future, Joan Rivers, a longtime friend of Prince Charles, couldn't help but make a joke about the situation.

"Just saw the bottomless photos of Kate Middleton! Pretty, but she should trim the royal hedges," Rivers tweeted.

Meanwhile, Tom Sykes, editor of the Daily Beast blog The Royalist, says, "There will be no impact at all. They will be forgotten soon. I am sure Kate will continue to sunbathe topless. The only thing that will change is the height of the fences around the pools she is sitting beside."

But Amy Rosenblum, a friend and colleague of Sarah Ferguson, the duchess of York, cautions, "The embarrassing [topless] photographs of Sarah [in 1992] had a long-term effect. She was very young when she made her mistake, but she tried to learn from it. After that, she was always careful.”

The duchess is much more cautious now. Recently backstage at Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief charity show, she insisted on having a private area in which to change.

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