10/01/2012 10:43 am ET

October Must-Reads

Welcome to October, the month of pumpkins, cozy layers, crisp weather, and of course, Halloween. We're kicking things off with our book recommendations for the month. October's most promising reads include the latest Danielle Steel novel, Jenny McCarthy's memoir on growing up Catholic, and the biography of '80s boy band New Kids on the Block! Throw in some intriguing novels about mystery, murder, and long-lost love — plus personal page-turners by Stacy London and Arnold Schwarzenegger — and it's shaping up to be a good month for snuggling up with a book by the fire. Check out our October must reads now!

Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic

After tackling pregnancy, autism, and motherhood, Jenny McCarthy takes on her religious history in her latest memoir Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic. With humor and honesty, Jenny explores what faith means to her and how she went from an "aspiring nun at an all-girls Catholic school" to a Playmate of the Year and beyond.

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