10/01/2012 09:09 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

Wyatt Daring, 5, Whose Condition Could Cause Him To 'Cook To Death,' Has Medical Device Stolen (How To Help)

Though he has no sweat glands, 5-year-old Wyatt Daring can still act like a regular kid, so long as he’s wearing a vest that regulates his body temperature. But when that expensive piece of medical equipment was stolen, the struggling parents called on their community to protect their son.

"We desperately need a new vest for him," Wyatt's mom, Terri, told after the cooling device, which costs about $700, was stolen from her car two weeks ago.

Born with ichthyosis, a rare skin disorder, Wyatt’s body cannot cool itself when temperatures rise, which means he could “cook to death,” his parents told the news outlet. The disorder also comes with costly medical bills that have saddled the Darings, which made it impossible for them to scrape together money for a new vest after a robber took off with Wyatt’s, HLN reports.

When the caring people of the Daring’s hometown of Schwenksville, Penn., caught wind of the family’s strife, they spread the word, eventually helping Wyatt and Terri to land on "Anderson."

After sharing her son’s devastating story, and her concern that she would have to put Wyatt in a vest he’s long outgrown from when he was was a baby, the desperate mother learned that climate control specialists, TechNiche, offered to supply her son with a lifetime supply of cooling vests.

While the boy who loves Mickey Mouse is all set with cooling undergarments, his community is coming together on Oct. 2 at the Waltz Golf Farm to raise funds to help the family pay for his medical bills.

"We are having our own little 'It's A Wonderful Life moment here,'" the event invitations reads, "as all of you have raised you hands and opened your hearts with love and support to help this little boy and his family."

Feeling inspired? Learn how you can help the Daring family here.



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