10/02/2012 01:23 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Dan Savage Slams Tony Perkins, Michele Bachmann In Winona State University Speech

Outspoken lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activist Dan Savage took aim at the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins and former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in his latest campus-based missive. (WARNING: contains graphic language)

Video footage of Savage's Winona State University speech, which is currently making the blogosphere rounds, shows the internationally syndicated columnist declaring that "every dead gay kid is a victory for the Family Research Council" and that Perkins "sits on a pile of dead gay kids every day when he goes to work -- and he calls himself a Christian."

"Tony Perkins tells parents whose kids come out to reject them," Savage says in the clip. "Tony Perkins tells the parents of queer kids to do what Tony Perkins damn well knows drives those kids to suicide -- doubles their already quadruple risk of suicide."

Savage minces even fewer words when it comes to Bachmann (R-Minn.), noting, "We will always have ignorant d-cks like Michele Bachmann and her fag husband."

He stood by his remarks on Twitter, noting:

The tone of Savage's latest remarks mirrors a controversial speech the "It Gets Better" creator delivered at the National High School Journalist Conference in Seattle last April. Several students walked out of the speech after Savage told them, "We can learn to ignore the bull---t in the Bible about gay people."



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