10/02/2012 03:43 pm ET

Kate Gosselin Halts Sale Of Negative Tell-All Book

Kate Gosselin has scored a victory. She has gotten her lawyers to halt the sale of a shocking new book that claims that the mom of eight "fooled the world."

"The book sounds like a whole lot of nothing blown up to look sensational," a friend of Kate's, who has not read the book, tells me. "Sometimes it's best to ignore something, especially something self-published that hasn't attracted that much attention. If Kate fights back or makes a statement, it might make people more interested. She's checking on the best approach."

However, now it sounds as if Gosselin has decided on the best approach, which has been to get her lawyers to intervene and remove the book from Amazon just two days after its release.

"Kate had her own lawyers deal with this," says a network insider. "TLC lawyers were involved as well, since there was some confidential documents in there."

This confidential information that troubled TLC was found in a series of private emails exchanged between Gosselin and the Discovery network. The emails were leaked via computer hard drives that Gosselin had put in the trash.

"Several months ago I received a very threatening seven-page legal letter before the book was even published," the book's author, Robert Hoffman, emailed me. "I'm trying to regroup right now and certainly don't want to do anything illegal. I'm meeting with an attorney to discuss my options as far as making the book available in the future."

Gosselin recently told Huffington Post Celebrity that she ignores her haters, but this time she took action. Her legal firm did not respond to a request for comment.



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