10/03/2012 09:19 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

Oxygen's 'My Shopping Addiction' Shows California Woman, Roshanda Hill, Addicted To Shopping At 99-Cent Stores (VIDEO)

We all love a good bargain, but shopping addict Roshanda Hill shows us what happens when a penchant for discounts gets out of control.

Hill is the first subject of the new series 'My Shopping Addiction', debuting on Oxygen, Oct. 15th. But she isn't your typical designer obsessed shopaholic, this California discount diva spends up to $400 a week at 99-cent stores.

Hill says she'd rather spend "100 dollars on 100 things" at her local 99-cent oasis. In a sneak peek of the hour-long episode, Roshanda's kitchen is packed with an overwhelming surplus of household cleaning items, food, and drinks.

Her favorite discount buy? Enough dishwashing liquid to last a lifetime. But her friends and family are tired of her outrageous spending habits and lending her money for her bargain buying fix.

Hill isn't alone in her compulsive shopping struggle. About 5 percent of Americans struggle with an excessive shopping addiction and even more have difficulty with overspending. According to a study conducted by Research Now and released by Oxygen Media, 68 percent of Americans have bought something just because it was cheap and 58 percent have purchased something expensive that they didn't need.

Find out if the experts leading this shopping intervention will be able to put an end to Hill's love for anything under a dollar on Oct. 15th on Oxygen.

CORRECTION: A previous headline for this article misspelled Roshanda Hill's name. We regret this error.

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