10/02/2012 12:36 pm ET

Stephen Colbert: Jon Stewart Will 'Eat Bill O'Reilly's Liver' In Debate (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert said Tuesday that Jon Stewart will "eat Bill O'Reilly's liver" during their upcoming debate.

Colbert made the prediction on Tuesday's "Good Morning America," where he was filling in for Robin Roberts (she is on medical leave for a bone marrow transplant). He opened the show with a cocktail of orange juice and Mountain Dew, and spoke about his new book "America Again: Re-Becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t."

Speaking with George Stephanopoulos, he sounded off on the day's political issues. He previewed Wednesday night's debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, declaring moderator Jim Lehrer "the most boring man in news."

Colbert also suggested that Mitt Romney "should just lash out randomly at Barack Obama, maybe physically get up in his face, get up in his grill."

When asked to predict whether Jon Stewart or Bill O'Reilly will win their upcoming debate, Colbert had another clear answer. "Jon Stewart will eat Bill O'Reilly's liver with some fava beans... and a nice chianti," he added for emphasis.

Stewart and O'Reilly will face off in a 90-minute debate in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. The event is sold out.



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