10/03/2012 10:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Americans For Prosperity Releases New Wisconsin Robocall

With polls showing President Barack Obama leading in Wisconsin, the home state of Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, Americans for Prosperity has released a new robocall advertising a Thursday rally in Madison.

The call features Luke Hilgemann, the Wisconsin state director of the Koch-funded super PAC, telling voters that Obama has failed Wisconsin with tax hikes, budget deficits and "green energy scams." He then implores Badger State residents to join up with Americans for Prosperity and attend the super PAC's rally on Thursday at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Madison.

"[Obama] continues to come to Wisconsin to convince us that his agenda isn’t failing," Hilgemann says in the call. "It is time to show him we have had enough.”

Hilgemann also offers listeners an easy way to join up with Americans for Prosperity.

“Press one now to show us you want help us stop President Obama’s failing agenda," he says.

The call comes as polls show Obama with a consistent lead over Mitt Romney in Wisconsin. Polls compiled by HuffPost Pollsters show Obama with a 7-point lead in the state.

You can listen to the full call here. The Huffington Post obtained the call via Off The Bus, a HuffPost initiative enabling readers to work with staff to cover politics through the lens of their own communities. A full index of robocalls in Election 2012 can be heard here.


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