10/03/2012 07:58 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

Colin Ireland, Britain's 'The Gay Slayer,' Spotlighted On 'Twisted' (VIDEO)

In the case of serial killer Colin Ireland, a report said that "there have been few cases in which serial killers in England have revealed themselves so forthrightly." The quote was referring to Ireland's admission that he committed his crimes in a bid to become famous. As such, he not only plead guilty to murdering five men, but he went into extensive detail about the killings. Ireland's story was told on the latest installment of the true crime series "Twisted."

It was in 1993 that Colin Ireland killed five men, all of them gay. As such, the British tabloids gave him the moniker "The Gay Slayer." He claimed that he pretended to be gay to befriend his victims, and later insisted that he was heterosexual.

After being charged with two murders, Ireland confessed to the other three. Throughout his killing spree, he was in contact with the media, expressing his interest in becoming famous. Having admitted his guilt, Ireland was quickly sentenced to life in prison by the end of 1993. He died in February 2012.

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