10/03/2012 03:39 pm ET

Mark Anders Chalin Pleads Guilty In Deadly Accident Allegedly Caused By Sex

A Minnesota man pleaded guilty on Monday to causing an accident that witnesses said took place while he was having sex.

Mark Anders Chalin will face sentencing for vehicular homicide on December 10, according to the Mankato Free Press. The crash killed two people, including a mother of four. The prosecution is recommending a four-year prison term.

Witnesses who had passed Chalin’s car said that Chalin, 24, was being straddled by Amber Menezes, 23, when his car slammed into a vehicle driven by 35-year-old mother Jonna Martin. Witnesses and police said Chalin's view of the road was blocked by Menezes, who was killed along with Martin in the crash.

CBS Minnesota reports that investigators' reconstruction of the scene shows Chalin’s car was going between 60 and 65 mph when it crossed in front of Martin's car, which was moving at 20 mph as she slammed on the brakes. Investigators said Chalin made no attempt to slow down before the crash.

Chalin said he doesn't remember the crash or the events leading up to it. In his plea, he admits no wrongdoing, but acknowledges the prosecution has enough evidence to convict him.

KEYC reports that officers were made aware of the crash after drivers called to complain about Chalin's erratic driving.



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