10/03/2012 10:37 am ET

Runaway Train: The Puzzle of Helping Homeless Minors

The problem of homelessness spans issues across the spectrum, but homeless teens have their own unique challenges. Although it's nearly impossible to track, the number of homeless youths in recent years is thought to be over one million. Often these teens have left abusive homes, only to end end up in dire situations due to substance abuse, prostitution, and illness.

And for LGBT youth, there’s an added layer of complexity. Ronald Hennig, an LGBT teen, ran away at age thirteen, and eventually made his way into the foster care system. After many placements, he ended up in a home with an LGBT father.

“It wasn’t always great,” he shared on a HuffPost Live segment. “I have to say I’ve been in a lot of placements that were not good. But now I’m in a great home.”

Hennig and host Janet Varney continued the discussion with guests Aimee Elizabeth, a former homeless teen and self made millionaire, Steven Gordon, Director of Drop in Services for the Ali Forney Center, Marianne Hooker, a former homeless teen and licensed clinical social worker, Justina Shaw, a homeless youth advocate and Founder/CEO of Opportunities-pa.org.

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