10/03/2012 11:12 am ET

Soledad O'Brien To Barbara Comstock: 'Only One Person Who Is Spinning, And That Would Be You' (VIDEO)

Soledad O'Brien called out Romney campaign senior adviser Barbara Comstock on Wednesday's "Starting Point," after she accused the CNN host of "spinning" stories.

O'Brien interviewed Comstock ahead of the first presidential debate to hear the adviser's take on what Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will discuss during the Wednesday night forum.

As Comstock rattled off various ways in which she believed President Obama failed to energize the U.S. economy, including that the president's tax increases would "kill 700,000 more jobs," O'Brien interrupted her.

"You're certainly throwing out a lot of numbers and a lot of statistics that many people would completely disagree with," O'Brien said.

Comstock interjected and said, "Soledad, I know that you have your talking points, but the 700,000, that comes from an independent study that says that the president's tax increases will kill 700,000 jobs. He's already killed them!"

"I don't have talking points, I have questions," O'Brien said. "And I believe you have talking points, and I actually would say that people on both sides of the aisle have talking points, and my job is to try to navigate my way through those."

Comstock continued, "The middle class has been buried for the past four it doesn't matter how you want to spin it, the past four years—"

O'Brien cut her off. "There's only one person who is spinning at this moment, and that would be you," she said.



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