10/03/2012 05:54 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2012

'Sons Of Anarchy': Funeral For A Fallen Brother (VIDEO)

After the death of one of their own due to the machinations of Pope, "Sons of Anarchy" took a quiet moment to honor Opie. Jax's best friend since childhood, the loss was particularly hard on the club's new leader, who reiterated in one scene his commitment to moving away from this lifestyle that has created such a high body count among the Sons and those they love.

That was in a moment when he struck a deal with Nero to help set his new ally up as his new business partner. In a way, the Sons -- or Gemma more specifically -- owed him after playing a role in destroying his business. As part of the deal, though, Jax demanded Nero disconnect from Gemma. Nero may have realized she's more trouble than she's worth, after Gemma orchestrated Tara's beatdown of Nero's business associate.

In the closing moments of the show, the club honored Opie and said their farewells. Critics were touched, with calling it a tasteful sendoff and EW saying it brought a tear to the eye.

"Sons of Anarchy" carries on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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