10/04/2012 04:53 pm ET

Bloomberg: Romney Debate Victory Does Not Secure Election Victory Against Obama

Mitt Romney may have been ruled the victor of Wednesday's first round of presidential debates, but New York City's Mayor Bloomberg still had some words of the caution for the Republican nominee.

Speaking at a press conference Thursday, Bloomberg pointed to debate history as to why winning the first debate doesn't guarantee a November victory. From Capital New York:

"The press today, everybody handicaps who's won and who's lost. And, let me just remind everybody that if you go back to Mondale, my recollection was back in '84, I think it was, Mondale beat Reagan in the first debate. And last time I heard 'President Mondale,' I don't remember that phrase being used. And John Kerry beat George Bush, George W. Bush, back in '04. And John Kerry, he's a great public servant, a great senator, he's dedicated to helping the country, but he won the debate but he didn't win the competition that really matters."

The mayor also said he was disappointed neither candidate discussed gun control or immigration reforms.

Bloomberg, who is a self-declared independent, has previously said he knows which candidate he is voting for in November, but won't reveal his choice.

In July, the billionaire mayor publicly endorsed Republican Senator Scott Brown for his upcoming re-election against Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat.

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