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'Jersey Shore' Season 6 Premiere: JWoww, Deena And Sammi Talk Snooki's Baby, What's To Come And More

"Jersey Shore" Season 6 (two-hour premiere airs Thurs., Oct. 4 at 10 p.m. ET) will be the MTV juggernaut's final season and JWoww, Deena and Sammi were all sad to say goodbye to Seaside.

In an interview with HuffPost TV, the ladies of the "Jersey Shore" house -- all of whom are now in relationships and/or engaged -- discussed their reactions to the show ending (tears included), what we can expect in Season 6, personal low points (like Deena "showing [her] bottom low part to the public" and meeting Snooki's baby.

Plus, find out who's voting for Obama, whether or not Jenni wants to air her wedding on TV, why they love "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and much more about what's ahead for these self-proclaimed guidettes.

Have you all met Snooki's baby?
Deena: Yes. He's adorable.

Did you buy Lorenzo anything?
Of course! All the baby things you can think of. That baby is definitely spoiled.
Jenni: That baby's set for life and he just turned a month old. They grow up so fast!

Can you tell me two truths and a lie about what we'll see this season?
There's an orgy, someone gets arrested ...
Sammi: And there's a pregnant girl in the house.
Jenni: Dun. Dun. Dun.

How did you feel when you found out this would be the last season of "Jersey Shore"?
I cried.
Deena: It was pretty bitter sweet. We all grow up and you're watching us grow up. We're all going our different ways. So we'd rather go out on top than fizzle out and no one watches anymore.

Things with Mike had been rough at the end of last season and he intentionally wasn't a part of "Snooki and JWoww." What were you feeling going into Season 6 and living with him again?
We were definitely hesitant. We were optimistic, but hesitant. And actually going into Season 6, when he gave his little speech and told us about his sobriety, we fell in love with Mike all over again. And we're extremely proud of him because he was finally himself during filming and this is probably his best season ever.

During Season 6, you all were in relationships. Does that change the dynamics in Seaside?
You know, I had a little separation anxiety. It was kind of hard for me, but for the most part we really had a really great time.

Was it different going out in Seaside and not being single?
Jenni: No. Girl power!
Sammi: I've been in a relationship this whole time. I've done it so it's the same.
Deena: I usually didn't really bring guys home that much. I usually just hung out with my friends.

What's been your favorite "Jersey Shore" moment and your least favorite that maybe you wish hadn't aired?
Roger asking me out to be his girlfriend was obviously my favorite.
And I would say nothing for a least favorite because I have no regrets.
Sammi: You know, I've had my fair share of ups and downs, but my favorite moments are just like the pranks and having fun in the house. And I really don't like to harp on the negative.
Deena: My favorite moment was probably my meatball days with Nicole.
Jenni: Oh thanks, bitch. [Laughs.] Kidding!
Deena: Jenks was probably one of my favorites.
Jenni: What? The time you actually made it there?
Deena: Getting my hair in a knot and then Jenni taking it out for me.
Jenni: [Laughs.]
Deena: See? You win. My negative moment was showing my bottom low part to the public.
Jenni: [Laughs.] Your kookah?
Deena: Yes. My kookah to the public.
Jenni: With "Jersey Shore" stamped across it. [Laughs.] And you, by the way, looked fabulous?
Deena: Yeah. So did it. [Laughs.]

And Jenni, congrats on your engagement. Do you think you'd air your wedding on TV?
If Roger allows us to, yes. Roger's a very, very private person so I'm trying to convince him. Only because our relationship unfolded on the show and we met on the show, so obviously I want to have my fans continue to be a part of it. And the "Shore" is going to be part of it -- all my shoremates are gonna be at my wedding, so why not?

Roger's dropped hints about a baby. Do you guys want to start a family soon?
Jenni: Oh my god. Yes. The baby carrot comment on Twitter? That was awful. [Laughs.] Yes, but we would like to get married first so hopefully this summer we'll be getting married and then talking bout baby plans.
Deena: Woo!

You'll have to coordinate with Snooki.
Sammi: It's kind of cool 'cause now, if anybody else does get pregnant, we can go to Nicole for advice.
Jenni: Yeah, go figure -- going to Nicole for advice.

The past couple elections, you guys have gotten shout-outs from candidates. Do you know who you'll be voting for?
I'd rather not talk politics.
Jenni: I'm an Obama fan.
Sammi: No comment on the politics.

What do you think you'd be doing now if it wasn't for "Jersey Shore"?
Probably doing dental assisting. Going to school for dental hygiene.
Jenni: Just working the club promotions and graphic design like I used to.
Sammi: Um, I would probably be going to college, playing soccer, or working at an eye doctor's office. Doing everyday normal life.

Do you foresee yourselves doing any of that after "Jersey Shore" ends?
Hopefully not. [Laughs.]
Deena: No, I mean, I wouldn't mind normal life, but I would switch from the dental hygiene thing. Maybe more make-up and hair.
Jenni: Yeah, I thought about make-up and hair too, but I want to actually create TV. I would like to produce.

Would you produce reality TV?
Hell yeah!

What else are you guys watching on TV now?
"Honey Boo Boo!"
Sammi: Oh, I love "Honey Boo Boo."
Deena: And the "Housewives of New Jersey" reunion, I'm very excited about.

Oh, it's intense?
Is it?

Yes. Very. And it's three parts.
Jenni, Sammi, Deena:
Sammi: Three parts? Wow!

Would you guys get together with Honey Boo Boo? I think people would love to see that happen.
I would love to meet her. I've been a fan of hers since "Toddlers & Tiaras." I just think that her family is amazing. The mom is like the ultimate mom and they have a lifestyle like ours -- it's completely different, only some people get it, but at the end of the day, we're all a huge, loving family and same with her family. Her mother is all about her kids and just loves them and even though they're different and act crazy like we do, they only have love for the world. So I wish them the best and I hope they're very successful because they deserve it. They are very entertaining.

They're very true to who they are, which is part of the reason why their show is successful and part of the reason why you guys and "Jersey Shore" has been successful?
Yeah! And that's why I love them so much because they're not changing, they're not fake, they're just who they are.
Deena: I think that she's a really good mom. She really cares about her family and she wouldn't let them go into that swamp!
Jenni: [Laughs.]

The two-hour premiere of "Jersey Shore" Season 6 airs Thurs., Oct. 4 at 10 p.m. ET.

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