10/05/2012 02:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

American Apparel Photoshop Fail: Hey, Where'd That Horse Go? (PHOTO)

A horse is a horse, of course, of course... unless it's a model for American Apparel, in which case, it's half a horse.

Our friends at Photoshop Disasters spotted this equine error on American Apparel's website. The image, ostensibly advertising the retailer's line of lace clothes, features a blonde girl cradling a horse's head that seems to be leading to nowhere. (Ugh, you're going to have to return that horse back to the horse store now.)

We're reminded of Neiman Marcus' bike fail from awhile back -- do photogs have a magic bike/horse invisibility cloak we're not aware of?

The pictures in question are still failing live on American Apparel's website at the time of writing... we're kind of hoping someone pencils in a sketch of a horse's hindquarters some time soon.

photoshop fail

photoshop fail

When Photoshop Goes Wrong...

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