10/05/2012 04:30 pm ET Updated Sep 30, 2013

HuffPost Corrections: A Few Things That Are Not Wrong

Every week The Huffington Post receives hundreds of correction submissions from readers. Eagle-eyed grammarians call editors' attention to spelling mistakes ("extra-circular" for "extracurricular"), homophone errors ("leopards" for "lepers"), grammatical indelicacies and the occasional misstatement of fact. So while the hard-working editors at The Huffington Post may not be perfect, we make every effort to respond to submissions in a timely manner and to deal with errors transparently.

Other readers sometimes believe that HuffPost's staff can exert more editorial control, over anything ranging from the hairstyles of TV personalities to the laws of physics and historical events. (HuffPost, for example, cannot do anything about what happens on the "Today" show.)

And then occasionally a submission comes in through the system that defies response. Collected here are a few reader-submitted "corrections" about which nothing could be done.

HuffPost's Notable Corrections