10/05/2012 04:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Honest' Internet Explorer 9 Ad Parodies Hip Microsoft Commercial

Poor Internet Explorer.

Despite a flashy commercial and decent reviews, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 is still the butt of many web-browser-related jokes. A parody of IE's latest advertisement is now circulating the web, titled "The Honest Version," which includes some (exaggerated and not-so-exaggerated) glitches you might have experienced while using IE.

The "commercial," made by comedy website WorldWideInterweb, is loaded with plenty of fake and unflattering reviews from users and media outlets, such as the New York Times' made-up quip, "It's kinda fast… I guess?"

But in reality, Microsoft's IE 9 has been gotten some relatively positive press. TheNextWeb called it a "pretty respectable browser," while Computerworld suggested you should "throw away what you think you know about Internet Explorer" because the latest update is (supposedly) on par with the competition.

Still, what are most people watching this fake advertisement going to remember about IE 9? Probably that, according to one fake user, the browser is "surprisingly bad for porn."

IE 9 was released in 2011, but the original IE commercial -- complete with a dub-step version of Alex Clare's single "Too Close" to make Microsoft look cool -- hit television airwaves earlier this year.

The next version of the browser, Internet Explorer 10, is set to launch in October, alongside the new Windows 8 OS and Microsoft's Surface tablet.

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