10/05/2012 05:19 pm ET

Like Watching Paint Dry 'Outliers'

Jason Zengerle dives deep into pollsters, "poll analysts" and why polls seem to be making less sense.

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns report on the conservative parallel universe where Mitt Romney leads all polls.

David Carr says cries of poll bias don't help Romney.

James Carville offers his thoughts on the Republican war on pollsters.

Jon Cohen explains the Washington Post/ABC swing state numbers.

Charlie Cook sees Wednesday's debate as proof the race isn't over.

John Sides makes a prediction about the debate's effect.

Scott Clement notes the decline in Obama's enthusiasm advantage from 2008.

David Hill believes in the incumbent rule.

Charles Franklin assesses poll discrepancies in Maine.

Kyle Dropp finds a small demobilizing effect from voter ID laws (PDF, via Brendan Nyhan).

Reuters launches an interactive charting and analysis tool to display their online panel survey data.

Kevin Drum counters the "statistical tie."

American Crossroads borrows from Hans Rosling's Joy of Stats (via Alex Lundry).

Partisan 7-11 coffee cups and Cheetos portraits of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama face off.

TiVo finds Big Bird is the star of the debate.

Ipsos/Reuters finds 10 percent of debate watchers would have preferred to tune into paint drying.