10/05/2012 03:08 pm ET

Rita Wilson's Tribute To Nora Ephron In 'Variety'

Huff/Post50 editor at large Rita Wilson penned a moving tribute to her friend Nora Ephron in 'Variety' this week, one of several tributes by women to iconic leaders the industry has lost this year. In the story, Eva Longoria remembers Lupe Ontiveros; Bonnie Hunt posts a tribute to Phyllis Diller; Darnell Martin offers thoughts on Etta James; and Sherry Lansing honors Sue Mengers, among others.

"[Nora Ephron's] contribution, to me, is about possibility and empowerment," writes Wilson. "She made you feel as if you could do anything. Her protagonists were strong, competent, sometimes extraordinary women that made you feel as if that was you up there on the screen, that finally someone was writing about your thoughts and feelings but saying them far more intelligently or wittily than you ever would." Check out 'Variety' for more.