10/05/2012 02:49 pm ET Updated Dec 05, 2012

Thinking Of Walking CicLAvia? Think Of Joining The Figueroa Street Parade | Streetsblog Los Angeles

While pretty much everyone loves CicLAvia, coming back to Los Angeles' streets this Sunday, there has been one complaint that keeps popping up. The event is just too popular. There is such a latent demand to safely explore the city on bicycle, that over 100,000 bikes crowd the streets, making other CicLAvia events, such as just taking a walk on the open street, more difficult than they should be.

This Sunday, Los Angeles Walks is proudly declaring that CicLAvia isn't just an event for cyclists. While CicLAvia sponsored walking tours of neighborhoods along the route in past years, L.A. Walks is thinking bigger. They're not just programming walking tours, they're programming a parade.