10/05/2012 01:57 pm ET

Zayn Malik Interview Cut Short Due To List Of Alleged Banned Questions (LISTEN)

If you could ask your favorite member of One Direction any question in the world, what would it be? Whatever you do, just make sure it isn't on the extensive list of questions the boys (and fans) are apparently tired of hearing.

On Monday, Canadian DJ Scott Rush aired a phone interview he had with 1D singer Zayn Malik. Rush claims that moments before the interview began, 1D's publicist ran down a list of "a few things you're not allowed to ask," which included questions about each others' worst habits, celebrity crushes, money and religion (click here for the full list).

Instead of going through with the interview as planned, Rush decided to make a point. After shuffling through his papers audibly and mumbled about various banned topics, he cut the interview short.

Listen to the full audio recording of Rush's conversation with the publicist and the interview here.

"I could have done a full interview with Zayn and not touched on any of the banned subjects -- I was certainly prepared -- but come on. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough," he wrote in an email.

The band released a statement on Twitter on Thursday to explain the scandal:

Regarding the recent story about One Direction "banning questions" -- this is a complete misunderstanding. One Direction asked if certain recurring questions could be avoided in future interviews as the band were giving the same answers continually. They knew, via feedback, that the fans were requesting a wider range of subject matter in interviews. Questions relating to describing each band member, or referencing 'The X Factor,' are certainly not out of bounds. A suggestion was merely made to try and make interviews more interesting for the fans, which has been misconstrued and misunderstood.

And when Teen.com recently interviewed fellow One Directioner singer Niall Horan, the site claimed that they didn't get a list of banned questions.

Do you think the questions were really banned -- or were they just suggestions? Weigh in in the comments below or tweet @HuffPostTeen!



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