10/08/2012 05:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Retro Radio Shack Commercial Shows Awesomely Huge Phone On The Go (VIDEO)

Everything was bigger in the 80s: the hair, the shoulder-pads, the attitude... the list goes on. But not even the largest of Thigh-Mastered thighs can compete with the behemoth device that is the early cellular phone.

This vintage Radio Shack video calls it "the most powerful transportable telephone system" in history. It may also be the largest. Watch the gigantic contraption used at the beach, on construction sites, on a speed boat and at Boy Scout retreats. Basically, anywhere you'd want to go, right? Plus it comes with an attached handle so you can carry your phone as if it were an enormous, unwieldy briefcase. Double win!

And the groundbreaking technology only costs $799 ($340 off the usual price, mind you). Now is the time when you kiss your modern cell phone softly on the screen and whisper your undying love for it's sleek exterior.

Eat your heart out Zach Morris, this is officially our favorite '80s phone.

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[h/t Sad And Useless.]