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DIY Nail Art: Blood Splatter-Inspired Manicure (PHOTO)

Sunday nights vegging out on the couch have gotten even more gratifying now that "Dexter" has returned to Showtime this fall. I mean, Michael C. Hall's blood splatter analyst by day, serial killer by night character definitely gets our pulses racing with his dramatic alternative to A&E's real-life investigation series "The First 48." And while we may not totally grasp all the forensics lingo, at least we can fake like experts with this gruesome DIY nail art.

Jen, designer and chief rhinestone applier of the blog Never Too Much Glitter, used dark red nail polish and a fan-shaped makeup brush (who would've guessed it?) to create this spot-on blood splatter nail set. Scroll down for her simple step-by-step instructions. Warning: You'll want to gather up lots of old newspaper as things will get messy.

diy nail art blood splatter collage

Photos: Blood splatter on wall, Getty Images; Zoya Minka; China Glaze Prey Tell; SinfulColors Fan Brush #15; Never Too Much Glitter's blood splatter-inspired DIY nail art

Step 1: Polish nails in a nude nail color that matches your complexion.
Step 2: Drop a quarter size dollop of red nail polish or acrylic paint into a paper cup.
Step 3: Dip the fan brush in the cup and saturate it with paint until it's dripping.
Step 4: Hold the brush about one to three inches above the nail, bristles down.
Step 5: Sweep the brush back and forth to make a splatter pattern. A fan brush will make a dense splatter, while a toothbrush will make a fine one. Vary the amount of paint and the distance from the nails to create different strokes.
Step 6: Add a topcoat to seal and protect the nails.
Step 7: Scare everyone around you!

What do you think about this blood splatter-inspired manicure? Is it gorgeous or gory? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

And if you'd like to get your digits on these nails ASAP, Jen's selling press-on versions of this design at her Etsy shop.

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DIY Nail Art

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