10/08/2012 03:06 pm ET

Enes Kanter Dancing: Jazz Center Busts A Movie During Rookie Dance Competition (VIDEO)

If Utah Jazz center Enes Kanter hopes to make an impact in the paint durng his second NBA season then he might need to improve his footwork. Despite reportedly dropped 51 pounds from his 6'11 frame during the offseason, Kanter didn't exactly look light on his feet when he attempted to entertain a crowd with his dance moves.

During a preseason scrimmage, the Jazz held a dance-off in front of an open crowd. After Kevin Murphy took the floor to flash a series of awkward movements, Kanter took things up a notch with perhaps the strangest dance in NBA history before breaking into -- quite possibly -- the most anemic worm ever attempted.

It didn't stop there. Kanter pulled a hesitant Alec Burks up from his seat to join in on the fun.

What's the matter guys? No Gangnam Style?