10/08/2012 08:51 am ET

60 Minutes Overtime, 10.06.12: Searching For Sugar Man In South Africa

If you live in Detroit, chances are you've seen "Sugar Man," as the rest of the world now knows singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez. You've heard him play a set at Park Bar or the Old Miami, watched him tip back a cup of coffee or a pint at Motor City Brewing Works.

The Southwest Detroit musician, whose music made him a superstar in South Africa while he unknowingly lived a blue-collar existence in the Motor City, is the subject of a new documentary, "Searching For Sugar Man."

"60 Minutes" also aired a long interview with Rodriguez (featuring shots of him all over the city!) and journalist Bob Simon. Now, partner site is airing outtakes of the singer's live musical sessions with the camera crew. Producer Michael Gavshon grew up in South Africa, where he remembers Rodriguez' songs being "the anthem to a generation."

The bonus footage is shot at the Old Miami bar in the Cass Corridor, where he played a set last month.

Watch Rodriguez talk
about the ideals that fueled his protest songs, the importance of recruiting more "girls" to run for office and the emotions he felt when he discovered that his failed music career was in fact a huge success on HuffPost Live.

Listen to Rodriguez's music below.

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