10/08/2012 08:02 pm ET Updated Oct 08, 2012

Tim Tebow '666' Facebook Post, Tweet: Jets Back-Up QB Ready For 666th 'Monday Night Football' Game

The number "666" is widely known as the "Number Of The Beast" based on a reference in the Book of Revelations in the New Testament. It is a figure loaded with enough menace that the "Number Of The Beast" phrase has graced an Iron Maiden album and a handful of other heavy metal cuts.

But what happens if "666" is transformed into the "Number Of The 'Monday Night Football' Game When Tim Tebow Ascended To The New York Jets' Starting Quarterback Position" during Week 5 of the 2012 NFL season? Does Iron Maiden swap in new title on future printings of its 1982 album?

Whether or not he makes much of an impact in the game, Tebow will be in the spotlight when the New York Jets take on the Houston Texans on "Monday Night Football." Hours before kickoff in New Jersey, Tebow tweeted (and posted on Facebook) about the approaching game, noting that this is the 666th contest in the "MNF" franchise.

Presumably, Tebow was having a bit of fun with the episode number for this installment with "Monday Night Football." Will he get a chance to give this game a greater significance than expected?

If Tebow supplants Mark Sanchez to battle the Texans (and perhaps conquers sort of preternatural Evil along the way) then this won't be the first time that there has been a coincidental connection between the devoutly religious quarterback's NFL numbers and his faith.

In his first playoff start, Tebow posted 316 yards passing -- while averaging 31.6 yards per completion -- in a rousing overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Three years earlier, Tebow famously wore eye black while playing at the University of Florida depicting John 3:16, a favorite Bible verse.