10/09/2012 04:08 pm ET

Dads Sing 'Part Of Your World' From Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' (VIDEO)

Disney princess Ariel longed for legs to jump and dance as part of our world -- and she would likely have been fascinated by this video of landlubber dads covering her most famous ballad.

The clip, posted to YouTube by LifeofDad, shows men "from around the world" singing "I want to be where the people are" while they do construction work, use lab equipment, give a fellow dad a haircut or (in a sweet coda) make pancakes at home.

These guys might not be your typical "Little Mermaid" fans, but, as the video's opening proclaims, "No matter who you are... Becoming a dad changes everything." (It's a message we've heard before -- for instance, from the Redditor who wrote, "I don't care how badass a person thinks they are. If a little girl pours you an imaginary cup of tea, you drink it, with your pinky in the air, dammit.")

While the performances themselves are not pitch-perfect, they more than get their point across (and comparisons to Ariel, whose voice was renowned even in her fantastical undersea kingdom, are just plain unfair).

via NYC Dads Group



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