10/09/2012 04:56 pm ET

Dogs Push Animals In Strollers, Propel Toy Cars And Race Scooters (VIDEO)

A pair of fun-loving, talented Australian cattle dogs named Ruger and Rogue are setting the Internet's cute animal blogs afire with their videos of adorable shenanigans involving scooters, toy cars and one less-than-enthusiastic cat named Lynxie.

Featured on Jezebel on Monday, one of the videos features two dogs engaging in some friendly competition, racing strollers, scooters and even more adorably, a pair of tiny cars.

Posted by YouTube user ilovejanelle, the collection of videos has its own Facebook page titled Fun With Pup & Jane. As of Tuesday afternoon, the page had 795 likes.

The Southern California family that owns the pooches told an ABC affiliate that the stroller-pushing pets "were having lots of fun racing."

The dogs have also been filmed pushing a bemused Lynxie the cat in another toy car and giving the same feline a ride on a scooter.

In a clip picked up by Ellen DeGeneres last year, one of the dogs even pushes a human. "Sick of High Gas Prices-Puppy Power!" is the title of that particularly hilarious clip, which was aired as part of an "Ellen" segment called "Animal Are Smart, Humans Be Stupid."

It's hard to beat dogs pushing strollers for a combined level of cuteness and technical difficulty. Check out this "pugalicious" Animal Planet clip of a pug pushing a pink stroller with a stuffed pug passenger. Good News rests its case.