10/09/2012 08:02 am ET Updated Oct 09, 2012

RNC Touts 2.5 Million Voter Contacts Made On Saturday

The Republican National Committee's focus on micro-targeted door-knocking and phone calls continues to ramp up. On Saturday, Republicans in 11 swing states said they contacted 2.5 million voters.

RNC Political Director Rick Wiley didn't say how many of those contacts were door knocks versus phone calls. However, a memo by Wiley put out Tuesday morning did give an indication of the ratio, noting that since the spring, 6.5 million out of 35 million total voter contacts made by RNC volunteers have been door knocks.

"That's nearly three times as many doors knocks made by Republicans in all of 2008," Wiley wrote.

Wiley also said that following Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's strong debate performance last week, RNC offices have seen a 63 percent surge in the number of volunteers.

Wiley's memo offers information on each of the swing states, but it does not give precise totals for voter contacts in swing states. In Ohio, for example, Wiley's memo says that the party has made over 4.5 million voter contacts since the spring. That's about the same number of contacts that the GOP made over four months in Wisconsin during the effort by Democrats to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Knowledgeable sources in Ohio told The Huffington Post that Republicans knocked on around 150,000 doors on Saturday. Wiley's memo says that Republicans have knocked on 25 times more doors at this point in the campaign than they had in 2008.

Click here to read the full memo.


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