10/10/2012 01:54 pm ET

A Marriage Launched By 'Dream Weaver'

Bride and groom in a park
Bride and groom in a park

Julie Clark Shubert and her husband, Gary, have been married 36 years. They live in Greenville, S.C., where he works as an engineer and she as a musical entertainer. The two met at Utah State University in Logan in the mid-1970s. A condensed and edited version of our conversation follows.


Gary: I was working at a gas station. In those days people filled your tank and checked under the hood. I got an extra 25 cents for every quart of oil I sold. I’d hold the dipstick so it looked like they were at least one quart down. I told her the fan belt looked frayed. I got $1 for a fan belt. She said she couldn’t afford it so I said, “Look, take off your pantyhose and wrap it around until you get to the next station.”

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