10/10/2012 09:28 am ET

'Airport 24/7: Miami' Recap: 'Category X' Takes On Miami Airport Security (VIDEO)

"Airport 24/7: Miami" aired its second episode Tuesday night, entitled "Category X."

As it's among the nation's biggest and busiest airports, Miami International fits in "category x," meaning it is a "potentially attractive target for criminal and terrorist activity."

This episode centers around the airport's "penalty box," an isolated area in the airport where planes are sent when there is a security threat. It also takes a look at how the airport addresses passengers' grievances due to delayed or cancelled flights and lost baggage.

In the clip above, an unidentified, seemingly confused woman yells at airport employees over their poor customer service and how much she hates the Miami airport after, as she claims, they lost her bag. It shows how personnel typically react to customer complaints, especially as, in this instance, the woman gets a bit snippy with them. (In response to whether she drinks Cuban coffee, she retorts: "I don't do Cuban. I live in America.") While much of the episode focused on the drama behind the scenes, a harried complaint by a passenger shows the range of issues the airport deals with openly on a daily basis.

For more about the show and other clips, check out the "Airport 24/7: Miami"' site from the Travel Channel, or watch the show at 9 p.m. Tuesdays.