10/10/2012 09:22 am ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

Ann Romney's 'Good Morning America' Stint Features Cooking, Horses And No Politics (VIDEO)

Potential first lady Ann Romney guest-hosted the second hour of "Good Morning America" on Wednesday.

News of Romney's upcoming appearance had raised inevitable questions about the implications of a news program having a prominent political figure as a guest host. "GMA" will try to achieve some balance by hosting Michelle Obama as well.

The hour steered well clear of politics. Even though the election is less than a month away, Romney wasn't quizzed about her husband's campaign or the next presidential debate. Instead, she cooked, appeared in a segment about horses and hung around while the show rolled on.

As he sat down with her to talk to some "Dancing With The Stars" contestants, George Stephanopoulos told Romney, "I think it's safe to say that neither of us ever thought we'd be doing this together." She gamely asked Drew Lachey how he felt about the scores his cha-cha had received.

The cooking seemed to cause the most trouble. When Stephanopoulos introduced her at the top of the hour, Romney was baking an old family recipe, but she seemed distracted from her patter.

"The griddle is burning," she said repeatedly.

Later, when guest Stanley Tucci encountered some butter that was sizzling more than it should have been, Romney cried, "They burned my Welsh cakes too!"



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