10/10/2012 02:34 pm ET

David Letterman Warns Mitt Romney: 'Late Show' Appearance Could Decide The Election (VIDEO)

David Letterman has taken a glimpse into Mitt Romney's future, and if the GOP candidate doesn't appear on "The Late Show" soon, Letterman predicts that he'll be dancing with the stars before he's running the country.

After reassuring Mitt that he wasn't upset about him doing Leno's show first, Letterman kicked things up a notch and instructed his viewers not to vote for him unless he does so before the election.

But Romney still hasn't planned to come on the show, mostly because Letterman keeps running his mouth, and Letterman is getting impatient. On Wednesday night's show, he gave Mitt a direct warning:

"So you can't blow this off, Mitt. Im telling you, with every fiber of my being: if you want to go to the White House -- not on the tour -- you have to come here and shut me up," Letterman says into the camera. "You've gotta prove that I'm a dumbass punk and you've gotta come here and do it now... Because we wouldn't want anything to go the wrong way."

On a slightly unrelated note, Letterman also apologized to Donald Trump for calling him a racist. And look! They're totally BFFs again:

Watch the video above.



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