10/10/2012 09:27 am ET

NFL Power Rankings: Texans, 49ers, Falcons And Ravens Are Most Impressive Through Week 6

By National Football Post

Every week, the National Football Post brings you our NFL Power Rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 6 rankings (previous ranking in parenthesis)

1. (1) Houston Texans (5-0): Too early to hand J.J. Watt the Defensive Player of the Year award?

2. (3) San Francisco 49ers (4-1): The Bills didn’t even belong on the same field with Alex Smith and the 49ers on Sunday.

3. (2) Atlanta Falcons (5-0): The Redskins found out that Tony Gonzalez can still fill up the box score.

4. (4) Baltimore Ravens (4-1): That was an ugly win in K.C., but it still counts for the 4-1 Ravens.

5. New England Patriots (3-2):  With the production in the running game, the Patriots might be the toughest offense in the NFL to game plan for.

6. (9) New York Giants (3-2): After a slow start, Ahmad Bradshaw and the Giants ran all over the Browns.

7. (10) Chicago Bears (4-1): Two more defensive scores and over 500-yards of total offense for the Bears as they whip the Jags 41-3.

8. (14) Minnesota Vikings (4-1):  Percy Harvin is making plays, A.P. is running hard and the defense continues to show up for the 4-1 Vikings.

9. (15) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2): The return of RB Rashard Mendenhall is an upgrade for the Steelers’ offense.

10. (8) Arizona Cardinals (4-1): The Cards have real issues on the O-Line and now need help at the RB position. Time to jump off the bandwagon?

11. (7) Philadelphia Eagles (3-2): Michael Vick has to protect the ball--because the amount of turnovers in Philly are ridiculous.

12. (16) Seattle Seahawks (3-2): We will get a good look at the Seahawks’ defense this Sunday with Brady and the Pats coming to town.

13. (6) Green Bay Packers (2-3): The Packers blew a 21-3 lead and lost RB Cedric Benson in Indianapolis on Sunday. That’s not good with Houston up next.

14. (13) San Diego Chargers (3-2): A rough night for the Chargers’ secondary in New Orleans.

15. (21) St. Louis Rams (3-2): This defense can play in St. Louis, but someone needs to step up on offense while WR Danny Amendola is on the shelf.

16. (11) Denver Broncos (2-3): That had to be a tough tape for the Broncos’ defense to watch after they were shredded up front in New England.

17. (12) Cincinnati Bengals (3-2): The Bengals face another rookie QB in Brandon Weeden this Sunday.

18. (17) Washington Redskins (2-3): Defenders will continue to take shots at RGIII if he doesn’t get down in the open field.

19. (18) Dallas Cowboys (2-2): Tony Romo and the Cowboys come off the bye with a trip to Baltimore on the schedule.

20. (19) Detroit Lions (1-3): Did the Lions make any adjustments to their special teams during the bye week?

21. (26) New Orleans Saints (1-4): Sunday night was all about Drew Brees on the national stage in the Saints’ first win of the season.

22. (25) Miami Dolphins (2-3): Rookie QB Tannehill is developing at a much quicker rate than any of us expected.

23. (31) Indianapolis Colts (2-2): Impressive comeback win over the Packers for Andrew Luck, Reggie Wayne and the entire Colts’ organization without head coach Chuck Pagano.

24. (20) New York Jets (2-3): The Jets are resorting to “gadget” plays and CBs running fade routes on offense. That’s no good.

25. (23) Carolina Panthers (1-4): Cam Newton is taking the fall for the Panthers, but there are multiple issues with this squad.

26. (24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3): Expect the heat to come down hard on Schiano if the Bucs drop one this weekend to K.C.

27. (22) Buffalo Bills (2-3): Far too much money invested in a D-Line that doesn’t make impact plays.

28. (27) Oakland Raiders (1-3): The Raiders and Carson Palmer could be looking at a 1-4 start with a trip to Atlanta this Sunday.

29. (28) Kansas City Chiefs (1-4): Can it get worse in K.C. after this horrendous start to the season?

30. (29) Tennessee Titans (1-4): Another poor outing for Chris Johnson. That seems to be the standard this season in Tennessee.

31. (30) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4): Are the Jags already looking at tape of West Virginia QB Geno Smith?

32. (32) Cleveland Browns (0-5): The Browns jumped out to a 14-0 lead in New York and then laid down on their way to an 0-5 start.

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