10/11/2012 01:52 pm ET

Digital Divorce: Who Gets Which Accounts In The Split?

Portrait of young woman using laptop
Portrait of young woman using laptop

When a formerly happy couple calls it quits, who gets the Farmville money in the divorce settlement?

Technology permeates nearly every inch of life today, including love and marriage. The Internet provides ways for singles to meet, gadgets and devices present opportunities and challenges to married couples, and increasingly social media plays a key role in the break-up of previously happy unions.

In addition to facilitating the love and marriage dance, technology — in the form of both gadgets and data — is becoming a contentious element in the process of splitting up. Questions like who gets the iPad in a divorce are now more complicated, running into issues like: who has cloud access to the family data, who owns the virtual assets in Farmville and how to split up Facebook friends.

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