10/11/2012 05:05 pm ET

Stickers On The Central Line: Prankster Art Collective Creates Hilarious Underground Train Signs (PHOTOS)

The signs in subway stations and metro cars have long been the targets of some pretty hilarious public art and graffiti projects. But this particular series of underground improvements is definitely one of the best.

It's the work of a prankster art collective called "Stickers on the Central Line," which quite literally plasters stickers on London's train line to poke fun at the city's stuffy signage. The group takes the stick figured sketches telling you where and where not to sit and adds their own touch. A sarcastic sentence here, a funny graphic there, and the once-boring commuter guidelines become LOL-able works of art.

On their website, "Stickers on the Central Line" states their mission as such:

Stickers on the Central Line remains committed to replacing delays with discussion, engineering works with enjoyment and strikes with satisfied commuters. Stickers on the Central Line does not however condone the sticking of less than amusing stickers.

Kudos, "Stickers on the Central Line," for making travel times a little less terrible. We particularly like the addition to the Tottenham Court Road station: the utterly ridiculous connection to a submarine destined for Somalia. Let us know what you think of the gallery, originally posted by redditor ohhelloaleks, in the comments section, and check out some of the interesting art in the New York subway system below:

NYC's Subway Artists

h/t the Laughing Squid blog