10/12/2012 10:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Avner Geller's OKCupid Posters Show We're Not As Unique As We Think (PHOTOS)

Anyone who has ventured into the world of online dating has encountered the dreaded profile, where complex human beings are boiled down to cutesy interests and vague desires. In the pursuit of seeming unique, relatable and attractive, many people's avatars end up looking and sounding quite similar.

San Francisco artist Avner Geller got a kick out of the parallels he noticed in his friends' profiles. From the clearly universal "message me if you are not a serial killer" to the more niche devotion to "sriracha" or "salted caramel Bi-Rite ice cream," the ironic yet oh-so-true images hint that we may not be as unique as we think.

After mulling over the playful illustrations, we kind of want to ask Geller's imaginary profile on a date... Is that weird? Which of the interests below are on your OKCupid profile? Let us know in the comments.

avner geller okcupid

avner geller okcupid visuals

avner geller okcupid art