10/12/2012 01:06 pm ET

'Blade Runner 2': Ridley Scott Offers Update On Sequel; Will Harrison Ford Be Involved?

"Blade Runner 2" is coming to theaters in the near future, a fact director Ridley Scott re-confirmed to the U.K. paper Metro in a new interview.

"It's not a rumor; it's happening," Scott said when asked about the film. The director then added his own idle speculation about the film's plot and cast. "With Harrison Ford? I don’t know yet. Is he too old? Well, he was a Nexus-6 so we don't know how long he can live [laughs]. And that's all I'm going to say at this stage."

Scott's off-handed revelation that Ford's Rick Deckard was actually an android in the original "Blade Runner" has been made before. In a 2005 documentary about "Blade Runner," Scott confirmed that Deckard "was a replicant," an idea that is never explicitly stated in the film.

Of course, whether Ford returns at all is up for debate. For starters, the film doesn't have a completed script yet (though original co-screenwriter Hampton Fancher was hired earlier this year to write "Blade Runner 2"). Meanwhile, last year, Andrew Kosove, a producer on "Blade Runner 2," told the Los Angeles Times that "this movie have [nothing] to do with Harrison Ford." Per Kosove, the film is being envisioned as "a total reinvention."

Earlier this year, Scott seemed to confirm some aspects of that, when he told The Daily Beast that "Blade Runner 2" will "definitely [feature] a female protagonist."

For more on Scott, including his thoughts on "Prometheus 2," head over to Metro.

[via Metro]

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